The History of Philosophy

When you think about philosophy, what country comes to your mind? We usually think of Greece, isn’t it? The history of philosophy started from the Eastern and Western Greece. You know for sure about the famous philosophers of Greece such as Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates. Modern philosophy is actually based on the ancient philosophy. What are the concerns of philosophy?

You might have asked yourself about the existence of men, the origin of knowledge or wisdom, reasoning, etc. These questions lead to philosophy. The curiosity of man and the questions that arise from his mind can lead to different ideas. Where did the term “philosophy” came from?

It was believed that the term “philosophy” was given by Pythagoras. Philosophers are good at skills such as questioning, reasoning, writing, and speaking. Did you know that scientists such as Isaac Newton and the others who proposed a lot of scientific theories are also called as philosophers? These days, there are many different academic discipline.

It includes the study of psychology and sociology. But, in fact, these discipline was believed to be a part of philosophy. It’s not all. Studies about science, politics, etc., are also part of philosophy. What does a philosopher usually do? They do a lot of research, study, and writing. Philosophers are also known as professors. Nowadays, those who study philosophy can take careers in politics, government, business, etc. When your skills are developed while studying philosophy, then, you can use these skills in finding job related to philosophy later on.