Understanding the Sabbath commanded in the two testament

Because the generation of today was not born in the early times so many people of today just do what they have heard and learn from the past generations. They are just following what happened in history that came to established another day as a day to worship God. They do not distinguish what is right from wrong because they rely on the wisdom of men and not on the original command. Today let us understand about the day God set to worship, the Sabbath day.

In the infographic, you can see the different words of Sabbath in different languages. They are using it to point that the Sabbath day was not changed to Sunday even from the word itself to describe it. It was already documented that there is no written evidence that the Sabbath was changed to Sunday worship which is the first day of the week. We know that the Sabbath day is the seventh day of the week and that day is called Saturday verifiable in the dictionary, calendar and in the bible. If you want a good catering service on a big event party in your life this site is the best. You click this 餐飲 丙級 and see their great services offered. Very well serve for you.

When you follow something blindly, it is dangerous. If the world is following a wrong commandment then what could happen to them. The excuse of many is that we can worship God anytime turning a blind eye to the command of God. Could you celebrate New Years Day in the month of March? The answer is obvious but when it comes to the sabbath, they pretend they believe in God and that is what matters. See information about this great restaurant. Look over this info here 餐盒. This is a great party catering service.