What is Rapture by Philosophy

The word “rapture” is always used by different Christians. If you are not a Christian, or a person who does not know anything about the origin of it, would you understand? “Rapture” is a term used by different Christians to explain about what will happen to mankind when God will take them to heaven. According to religion, rapture will happen at the very last moment of time, people will ascend to heaven at the moment.

However, rapture explained by philosophy is viewed as semi true. This is because philosophy and the Bible does not go hand in hand. Philosophy has a different view for the Bible it focuses on human wisdom and society. Philosophy understands the rapture as a part of what is going to happen to the lives of people in terms of economy, education, knowledge, beliefs and so forth, that the economy about the last days will become cursed and they will suffer scarcity and down economy. In philosophy, the hell somehow does exist on this earth and that people would suffer it on this earth. It is a common idea for people that hell is a place of suffering.

Perhaps, it is not really easy for men to be in a state where he or she would not be able to choose his or her destiny after life. But in philosophy, after the rupture, you will surely be brought to a place where you will  not enjoy but also not suffer. About this, humans dare to dream to go to a place where  we do not deserve.