Man’s Thought about the Second Coming of Jesus

What do people commonly think about rapture and the world’s end? Actually, there are different opinions and reactions of men about it. Some people believe that it will happen sooner or later while others don’t care about it. When we don’t experience things which we didn’t expect, it’s hard to believe, isn’t it? It is man’s nature. People would usually say, “To see is to believe”. However, that must not be the case always.

Men’s opinion and the testimonies of the Bible are different. Some believers or let’s say, leaders of the churches usually interpret the Bible according to their own opinion. For example, let’s think carefully about the Second Coming of Christ.

How does the leaders of churches known as pastors think about it? Surely there are many different opinions. But, most of them teach their members that the second coming of Christ is the same as the end of the world. Do you also think the same point of view? It is actually a fixed idea which is different from the Bible.

That kind of thought is like philosophy. The churches of today actually have their doctrines or beliefs mixed with philosophy or mere ideas of men. About the rapture, people believe it as the end of times. Then, is it enough that you believe without any actions? How do you feel about it? Do you feel scared or just disregard it? Each of us must be the person who don’t have any regrets in the end. Let us believe the prophecies of the Bible regarding the Christ who is to come and quickly repent!