The Fate of the Greedy and Evil

Man is evil. This is already innate. If it is not, why then would people sin commit sin. We are given the conscience to distinguish right from wrong. Therefore we know what is right from wrong, why then do we commit evil? The existence of right from wrong is the existences of evil forces and righteous being. But why does man follow the evil one? This is because, we think ourselves first, our own sake but never realize where human came from.

Then what is the fate of greedy and the evil ones? Some will think that there is no life after death and that once a man dies, there is no more. Then it would be unfair if they will not be punished. Some live their life doing their best to live with a clear conscience but also share the same fate with those who are evil? Actually, this is totally unfair! Those who think such things are those who do not believe in GOD who will judge everything in its time.

According to the Bible, those who are evil, greedy, liars and all sorts of acts or those who have gone against their conscience will go to a fiery lake of burning sulfur and that they will be punished there forever and ever without dying. Sad to say, even those who are kind if not done the commandment of God will surely go there. Being kind is not the only commandment of God because there are many commandments that we can find in the Bible that we should keep.