A presentation of one of the set of differences of a religion and a cult

In the passage of time when the church that was established by the savior disappeared due to people following other teachings, many religions appear after it. But the mother church first appeared and established her own teachings.Whatever was against her she made them suffer. Even the followers of the truth died under her command. She did not waste time to gain power and make herself very powerful especially in physical wealth and receiving honor from men. As she existed for a long time, she is considered as true.

If you will see the infographic you can see that there are five listed categories that make or distinguish something as a cult and as a religion. If you will see the number four under the column religion, you can see that the one who has a long history is considered to be a religion. In the human standard, it is a fact about this cleaning company go over this link. That is why they follow the teachings of the mother church that is not from the bible but proclaimed by man.

They are just proving that they are still connected with each other. They are recognizing where they came from. If they are different then they should not follow teachings that they had established but follow the commandment written in the bible. By just reading the ten commandments we can see who is the cult and who is not. Like in finding best cleaning company. You may need to read their site first and conclude, open this 清潔公司. The basis of being cult or not should be judged using the words of the Creator and Savior.