The 10 largest religion around the world based on the number of members

There are many religions around the world but there are the largest ones based on the number of members. Many people based their judgment on the number of members but it is already written in the scripture that it is not the basis. It is not based on religion but on faith and in following the commandment that a soul can receive salvation. But still many people base their faith and beliefs by what they can see only. Let us first see the infographic.

The number one religion is Christianity that is divided also into many sects. They have the mother church of all churches responsible for the establishment of their doctrine. They are the one that established many teachings that are not from the bible but from the doctrines of philosophy, culture, and paganism. This is according to an acquaintance who is very interested in studying the bible and religion. He said he studied the history of Christianity and he came with this information. that is why he does not go to church anymore. And you may need this private company for security purposes. Open their site here to check more info 徵信公司 推薦. This sounds so good and nice company.

He said he will find the church that could lead him to salvation. Even if we studied theology, we are not sure of salvation either because it should be based on the true teachings on how salvation is granted. Theology just gives us knowledge and understanding but are useless when salvation is the key point. Look at this searching company to help you in security, see this post 查ip. That is why many who already studied theology just teach what they understood but they are also unintentionally finding the truth.