The rapture prediction according to the teachings of Harold Camping

Even if there is only one bible but the interpretations are different. That is why many people say that they are confused on what to believe because there are many teachings and they all claim to believe in God. They cannot distinguish the truth from the false teachings already and they made a habit to just listen to whatever is shared to them. They just believe what they want to believe. Others become defensive and say they will stick to their birth religion until their death.

They make that decision because they fear that they also could fall into a religion that is false and it is a cult. They fear that they could follow the wrong way. It is not surprising because there are many people who claim to be prophets or the second coming or one that receives authority from God to do something. These persons also can make their own teachings and even make predictions of the future. There have been instances that it happened and one of them is the content of the infographic. Check this agency to help you. China Tours Agency is special in processing your visa. This is one of the best.

You can see in the infographic that the person has formed his own religion and make his own teachings and also predictions. It is very surprising that when he made the first prediction and it failed, many people join him and they became his followers view 卡式台胞證 自助通關. That is why many just choose to believe what they already had rather than falling into these kinds of a cult or leader and teaching that will prove to be false.